Yield 360

Yield 360 Features

First 2.0 Asset Multiplication Protocol Developed on Binance Chain. Enjoy 360,000% APY

Rebase tokenomics

Yield360.io rebase tokenomics Yield360.io uses a complex set of factors to support its price and rebase rewards. It includes the (YIF), which acts as an insurance fund to ensure the price stability and long-term viability of the Y360 Protocol by maintaining a consistent 0.0206 percent rebase rate paid to all $Y360 token holders every 13 minutes.

Safe simple staking

The Y360 tokens are always kept in your wallet and do not need to be staked in the high-risk staking contract. All you have to do is buy and hold it, and it will automatically multiply rewards in your wallet, eliminating the need to learn about the stake/unstake mechanism and avoiding an additional tax fee on staking operations.

Insurance fund

The $Y360 Insurance Fund, acronym of YIF, is an independent wallet in the YAP system of Y360. The YIF is funded by a fraction of the buy and sell trading fees racked up in the YIF wallet and employs an algorithm that underpins the Rebase Rewards. Put simply, the YIF parameter endorses the staking rewards (rebase rewards) that are distributed every 13 minutes at a rate of 0.0206 percent, guaranteeing $Y360 token holders a high and stable interest rate.
Reduction of risk associated with downside: Ensuring long term growth continuity by maintaining constant growth levels Ensuring price stability through rebase strategy.

Fire pit

The fire pit consumes approximately 1.5 percent of all $Y360 traded. The quanity of burned token is directly proportional to the circulating supply, the more that is traded, the more that is added to the fire, having caused the fire pit to grow in size through self-fulfilling Auto-Compounding, reducing the circulating supply and keeping the Y360 protocol stable.

Auto-liquidity management protocol

Liquidity can be viewed as a large pool of money divided in half between $Y360 and $BNB tokens. There is a conversion ratio set to the amount of $Y360 available through BNB, for example: 1 BNB is equal to 36.44 Y360.

Yield 360 Treasury

The Treasury is critical to the Y360 YAP protocol. It serves three important components for Y360.io's growth and long-term viability. The treasury is another source of funding for the YIF. This extra assistance could be useful if the price of the $Y360 token falls dramatically. It contributes to the formation of a $Y360 token floor price.

APY Formulation

The Y360.io protocol is based on a simple daily-interest compounding formulation. Where A represents the future value of your investment P denotes the primary investment. r is the decimal interest rate, and n is the number of times interest has been compounded in the given time. t denotes the total time required for investment maturity. It is important to note that rate r and time t must be expressed in the same time units, such as months or years. Based on a 365-day year, time conversions are 30.4167 days per month and 91.2501 days per quarter. A year has 360 days, with 30 days per month and 90 days per quarter. In this case, suppose the user invests $1000 worth $Y360 for a year at 0.0206 percent compounding every 13 minutes, he will eventually have whooping $607,941.2260 after the maturity of his investment