Yield 360

What differentiates Y360 from other auto-staking protocols

First 2.0 Asset Multiplication Protocol Developed on Binance Chain.
The Yield360 is an automated reward generation and distribution protocol with an estimated interest rate of 0.0206% in a time stamp of 13 minutes.
The protocol provides automation through its exclusive Yield360 automation protocol YALE, Y360 treasury fund YIF, and deflationary tokenomics that functions simply through the phenomenon of buy-hold-earn.
What is auto-staking
The auto-staking mechanism work through the automation of re-investment process of staked rewards. To break it down, staking is a reward generation process in crypto, which allows crypto asset holders to lock (invest) their assets in a worthy pool that will in turn provide them with return for their locked funds. Hence, both parties earn through a mutual WIN-WIN partnership.
Nevertheless, investment and re-investment of crypto assets in a suitable staking pool is a nerve wrecking process. Admittedly, it can take up to a day or longer worth of research to find that staking pool, once found, it is coupled with hefty transaction fees that drench the essence out of the entire staking process. That’s where auto-staking comes into the picture.
As the name refers, auto-staking is the automation of reinvestment process. By default, an auto-staking protocol is built on the ground of auto-compounding, the correlation of both is so significant that in many literary documents, the two terms are used interchangeably.
Hence forth, an auto-staking protocol has a fair tendency of offering exponential returns to its users. The Yale360 is thus capable of backing its highest fixed APY of 360,000%
Difference between staking and auto-staking
The primary difference between classic staking and automated staking, is the set of operations performed in each staking protocol. The former typically entails a lengthy manual procedure that involves a series of time-consuming steps in order to stake one’s funds. The most frustratingly complex step among all the hustling steps to be followed is to find the right staking pool based on one’s preferences; this can be demotivating due to the vast number of options available on the internet, all of which are similar in one way or another, ultimately confusing a beginner.
Here is a stark distinction between the two.
  • Standard staking is carried out manually, whereas auto-staking is executed by smart contracts.
  • The standard staking technique has multiple steps, whereas auto-staking has a single step of activating a stake, which is then captured by the smart contract.
  • Standard staking provides linear returns, whereas auto-staking provides exponential returns.
  • Standard staking provides a fixed APY, whereas auto-staking provides a rate or percentage APY that increases over time.
  • Standard staking is advantageous in the short term, but auto-staking provides the best long-term returns.
Competitive edge of Yield360
The Yield 360 is an autonomous asset compounding protocol that derives its $Y360 token value independently from market. The protocol stands out in the market due to its up-to-date inherent features of insurance fund (YIF), treasury, YALE, and deflationary tokenomics in the fire pit. Above all, although constantly regulating the token circulation, Y360 maintains its position in the market with solid tokenomics and evolving existence on BSC and other systems.
In addition to inherent features, Y360 has a new feature, cross-chain bridge for connecting this protocol with other on different systems. The cross-chain bridge on Yield 360 protocol is an attempt to connect EVM compatible system like Polygon, Avanax, and Ethereum to Yield 360 on BSC. In this way, users from the aforementioned blockchains will be able to utilise services on Y360
Another functions that differentiate Yield360, while providing a strong competitive edge is it incentive module which has recently added a Referral program. The program follows as users refer Y360 to their friends. Upon using a referral lead, both the referrer and referee with be benefited by bonus
Comparison with Titano
  • Titano offers a fixed APY of 102,483.52%, whereas Y360 offers a fixed APY of 360,000%
  • Titano propose a daily rate on investment of 1.8666%. On the contrary, Y360 offer a daily compounding of 110.76 times.
Hence, all of these aforementioned propositions supports Y360 supremacy over its counter protocols.