Yield 360


First 2.0 Asset Multiplication Protocol Developed on Binance Chain. Enjoy 360,000% APY
The auto-staking mechanism work through the automation of re-investment process of staked rewards. To break it down, staking is a reward generation process in crypto, which allows crypto asset holders to lock (invest) their assets in a worthy pool that will in turn provide them with return for their locked funds. Hence, both parties earn through a mutual WIN-WIN partnership.
Investment and re-investment of crypto assets in a suitable staking pool is a nerve wrecking process. Admittedly, it can take up to a day or longer worth of research to find that staking pool, once found, it is coupled with hefty transaction fees that drench the essence out of the entire staking process. That’s where auto-staking comes into the picture.
As the name refers, auto-staking is the automation of reinvestment process. By default, an auto-staking protocol is built on the ground of auto-compounding, the correlation of both is so significant that in many literary documents, the two terms are used interchangeably.
Hence forth, an auto-staking protocol has a fair tendency of offering exponential returns to its users. The Yale360 is thus capable of backing its highest fixed APY of 360,000%