Fixed APY

Annual Percentage Yield is abbreviated as APY. This calculates the real rate of return on your principal by factoring in the effect of compounding interest. In the case of Yield360, your $Y360 tokens represent your principal, and compound interest is added on every Rebase event (every 10 minutes), which is referred to as a 'Epoch.' Your new principal amount is equal to the sum of your then-current Yield 360 token amount and your new rebase token amount. This total is then used to calculate the principle for your next rebase rewards. Y360 uses a Positive Rebase formula to pay token distribution directly proportional to epoch rebase rewards, worth 0.0206 percent of the total amount of $Y360 tokens held in your wallet every 13 minutes. The rebase rewards are distributed to all $Y360 holders on each EPOCH (13 minute rebase period). There are a total 39,433 EPOCH in a year.

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