Yield 360

Y360.io Overview

First 2.0 Asset Multiplication Protocol Developed on Binance Chain. Enjoy 360,000% APY
Yield360.io is a decentralised financial asset that gives its users a 0.0206 percent increase in their assets every 13 minutes. The Y360 reward generation protocol is a one-of-a-kind protocol that has advanced profit generation. Every 13 minutes, the Y360 rewarding protocol continues to generate and distributes a 0.0206 percent reward to all active users. RFI properties are provided by the protocol. This protocol includes innovative technologies and features that other forks do not have. It is purpose-built to be automated and convenient.
Users of Y360 can earn this exquisite return rate simply by buying and holding Yield360's native token $Y360; which they can simply buy from pancakeswap and hold them in their MetaMask wallet. The protocol will generate and distribute rewards automatically.
Last modified 1yr ago